How to add POSLaju to OpenCart as Shipping Method

Before add POSLaju as OpenCart shipping method, you need to determine your store location. For example if you’re selling product from Kuala Lumpur to all over Malaysia. You need to follow the shipping rate for Zone 2.

First you need to create a new Geo Zone for POSLaju. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to System › Localizations › Geo Zones, and click Insert
  2. Add Geo Zone name and description, for example ‘POSLaju Shipping’ and ‘POSLaju Shipping for Zone 2’
  3. Then click Add Geo Zone
  4. Select Country as ‘Malaysia’
  5. Select Zone as ‘All Zones’
  6. Click Save

Now that you’ve created Geo Zone for POSLaju, it’s time to add the rates. Follow theses steps:

  1. Go to Extensions › Shipping
  2. Look for ‘Weight Based Shipping’ and click Install
  3. Then click Edit
  4. Click on ‘POSLaju Shipping’ tab and add the rates (to add the rates follow steps after this tutorial)
  5. Select status Enabled, then click Save

OpenCart’s shipping rate is in format ‘weight:cost,weight:cost…’. For example, ‘5:10.00,7:12.00’. 5 for 5kg, 10.00 for RM10, 7 for 7kg, and 12.00 for RM12.

This is the rates that I’ve prepared in shipping format based on POSLaju latest rates for Zone 2. Copy this and put into the Rates box for ‘POSLaju Shipping’.


Lastly, click ‘Save’.

For other POSLaju shipping rates in this format, click here.

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