POSLaju as Shipping Option for E-Commerce

What is POSLaju?

POSLaju is a leading courier and express mail service provider in Malaysia with 973 outlets offering POSLaju services comprising of 701 post offices, 190 pos minis,

50 POSLaju centres, 30 authorized agents and 2 service centres. POSLaju offers domestic service such as Next Day Delivery with guaranteed delivery based on POSLaju standard service.

Next Day Delivery

Guaranteed next working day delivery (D+1) within POSLaju coverage areas. For areas outside POSLaju delivery areas, 2-3 working days standard delivery may apply.

  • Offers at more than 1,200 outlets consist of all Post Offices nationwide, Post Mini and authorized agents.
  • Guaranteed delivery based on POSLaju standard service.
  • Pick Up service is available. Click for more information.
  • Insurance package is available (optional).

Rate Information:

Zones Document (below 2kg) Parcel (more than 2kg)
First 500gm (RM) Add 250gm (RM) 2.001 – 2.5kg (RM) Add 500gm (RM)
Zone 1 3.50 0.80 9.50 0.50
Zone 2 4.50 1.00 16.00 2.00
Zone 3 6.00 1.50 21.00 3.00
Zone 4 6.50 1.50 26.00 3.50
Zone 5 7.00 2.00 31.00 4.00

For document and parcel shipment up to 30kg. For posting of item more than 30 kg, please contact your nearest POSLaju branches.

Zone Description

  • Zone 1: Local Town Delivery
  • Zone 2: Within Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak
  • Zone 3: Between Sabah & Sarawak
  • Zone 4: Between Peninsular & Sarawak
  • Zone 5: Between Peninsular & Sabah

Our Plan and Price

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