Common Questions About eCommerce

Common Questions About eCommerce

  1. What are the  things to consider when starting up an online business?

    Find a market needs product line that sells well online. Without a market needs  product, you will have a difficult time seeing success on the Internet- no matter how elegant your store designs and layouts are.

  2. Are flashy graphics more appealing or quality text and descriptions?

    Content is king, links are queen. Or at least that’s what they say in the world of search marketing. While graphics and flash or other multimedia can add aesthetic quality to your storefront, having well written text and descriptions is definitely more important. Without content, search engines will have a harder time finding and accessing your site.

  3. Can I write articles about my products and use them on my site ?

    Of course. Posting articles on your site may even help in your efforts to rank higher within search engines like Google who look for content related to the products you are selling. Quality written content also makes you seem more credible in your niche, especially if the articles teach something or provide information to your users that helps them.

  4. When is the ideal time to start marketing my store brand and products?

    The most challenging aspect of starting and opening an online store is getting customers to know who you are, what you offer and where to find you. It is difficult to get customers to your store if they don’t know about it, you or your products. In other words, marketing is the most challenging part and takes the most time to perfect.

  5. When is the ideal time to start marketing my store brand and products?

    Ideally, you should begin marketing your brand name and products from the very beginning, when you first decide on a niche product and the right name for your eBusiness. Before you begin marketing it’s a good idea to be certain you have reserved your company name, domain name and all related brand names and have your product supplier or inventory relationships already established. Unless there are specific reasons for you to delay your marketing efforts you should begin the process as soon as possible. Reasons to delay marketing campaigns may include having to wait for legal documentation, trademarks, copyrights or other legal matters, online or off, that might end up hurting your marketing efforts if launched before business paperwork is in order and the proper steps have been taken to ensure your place in the market.

  6. What ways can I increase landing page conversions for deep level pages?
    A landing page, landing destination or entry page is a Web page that is linked to, or landed on, directly from any hyperlink typically found in search results pages, email campaigns, sponsored listings, banner type advertisements, internal site navigation and more. The page your visitors land on does not necessarily have to be the homepage or a main section, they can also include deep level pages (ie. product pages) that target keywords or phrases specific to a certain ad or marketing campaign. The main purpose of a landing page is to provide potential customers and web store visitors with detailed information about your products, services or other store offerings. Landing pages, including the text copy, and the way in which they are designed and laid out is extremely important in getting your potential eCommerce customers to initiate the conversion process.